Frequently Asked Questions

Web Site Design Questions & Answers

Q. Are there any hidden costs connected with your web design services?
A. Absolutely not! We provide a fixed price quote based on any specifications we discuss with you. The only time there would be additional charges is if you want to add new features that were not included in the original scope of the project.

Q. Is there a maximum number of pages my website can have?
A. That’s up to you! As far as Google is concerned, though, the more the merrier.

Q. Do you put ads on my website?
A. No, it’s your website. You have complete control over what is displayed on your website.

Q. Do you provide all of the services I’ll need?
A. Yes. We take care of domain registration, hosting, design, and even your email addresses so you only have one number to call if you ever need help.

Q. Who has ownership of the web site when it’s finished?
A. You do – we’ll even provide you with a copy of the site on CD. This way you can change web hosts or hire a different web design company at any time if you so choose.

Q. Do I have to use Websites a la Carte for hosting and maintenance after the site is finished?
A. Only if you want to! Once your website is finished it belongs to you. That means you can do your own updates or pay someone else. Don’t get us wrong – we’d love to handle that for you, but you are free to do as you wish.

Q. Can you redesign my existing website?
A. Sure! We do this all the time. Whether you just want an updated look or you want to completely rebrand your business, we can help.

Q. When can I modify the content on my web site?
A. You can update it at any time if your web site has a content management system (CMS). If there is no CMS and you are familiar with HTML, then you can edit the website through your control panel or with web site editing software. Or we can make updates for you at a very reasonable charge.

Q. What do I have to do to accept credit cards on my new site?
A. There are various methods available to you. We would need to talk to you to established your requirements and the best method for your company. There are essentially two main methods of accepting credit cards. The first method is where you use your own merchant account and process payments on your website. The second is to use a third party processor such as PayPal that processes the payments on their website. Once you are sure which method you wish to use, we can design your website accordingly.

Logo Design Questions & Answers

Q. How many logo design samples do you provide?
A. Depending on the logo design package you have selected, we’ll provide 3 – 5 samples for you to select from.

Q. How long until I can see my samples?
A. We’ll deliver your mockups within 3 – 5 business days.

Q. How many revisions can I have on my logo?
A. The number of revisions is set by the logo design package you select. We limit the number of revisions to ensure people give thought to the changes they want. At the same time, your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have reached the maximum number of revisions for your particular package and want an additional revision, let us know and we'll work something out.

Q. Who owns the rights to my logo?
A. You do! When you choose the logo you want, we only keep the rights to display the artwork in our portfolio and advertising materials. The actual copyright is yours. Please note that we retain rights for the samples that we present to you that you do not choose.

Q. Can you work with an idea I had, or with an existing logo?
A. Yes! You can send us what you have when you place your order. If you have an existing logo you need redrawn we can do that too.

Q. Which formats will my logo be delivered in?
A. We’ll provide your logo in the following file formats: Corel Draw (CDR), Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), TIF, BMP, EPS, PNG, PDF, GIF, and JPG formats.


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